• Are you ready to take your business or career to a whole new level?

  • Would you like to become a GREAT Presenter or Public Speaker?

  • Are you seeking to boost your self-confidence or try something new?

We offer fantastic TV Presenting and Public Speaking training with a top team of professional coaches and Celebrity Experts!


Have you always dreamed of being on TV? Or Perhaps you wish to learn presentation skills to boost your career or start an online vlog on Youtube? The Red Carpet Academy are inviting you to gain practical experience and one-to-one advice with our dynamic short courses and workshops.

Here are just some of the skills you will learn:

  • Speaking with confidence

  • Developing your on-screen presence

  • Learning how to make impacting speeches

  • Practical studio training

  • Presentation skills and confidence

  • Talkback and how to read an Autocue (teleprompter)

  • Scripting and free styling links

  • Multi-camera use

  • Interview techniques

  • Co-presenting

  • Career advice and much, much more!

To get started book your place on our TV Presenting and Public Speaking One Day Intensive training where you’ll experience a taste of what it’s like to become a GREAT presenter and public speaker. This is a jam-packed day with practical exercises such as learning how to effectively talk about yourself to camera, developing your own unique style, co-presenting and script work. After this initial confidence boost and hungry to learn more,  joining our Two Day TV Presenting Bootcamp will be your next step towards success. This is an intensive yet fun,  two day training workshop where you’ll be put through your paces in true “bootcamp” style! You’ll be learn a variety of constructive and technical aspects of TV Presenting and Public Speaking which include interview techniques, auto-cue training and how to work with multiple cameras in a small group setting.

Leah Charles King TV presenter studio Once you have completed Bootcamp, if you’re serious about developing a thriving television or public speaking career, the next step to greatness is completing our Three  Day TV Masterclass within a real TV studio environment. Not only will you put all of your new skills to the test, you will learn further techniques of Presenting principles which will culminate in recording “as-live” your very own show to be aired on The Red Carpet Academy TV! Our Masterclass includes your very showreel, one-to-one advice with one of our top celebrity TV Presenters, professional head-shots and a range of other materials to market yourself within the industry. A showreel is a “visual CV” which is absolutely required for TV Producers or potential business partners to see what you’re made of and consider you for up-coming projects.

For those wishing to take a serious perspective on their career, we offer an amazing 12 month all inclusive package, which includes all of our training courses, personal mentoring, celebrity expert career advice, head shot photography, showreel and more!

Our mission is to pass on the highest standard of technical and practical Presenting skills, as well as the confidence to go out there and take yourself, your business, and your career to a whole new level!! We believe to be the best you should learn from the best.

images-3Carpe Diem! Seize the day! BOOK your place on one of our exclusive TV Presenting and Public Speaking One Day Intensive training days and begin your journey. We hope this will be the start of a life-changing experience for you.