Our Two Day Bootcamp is a bootcamp like no other! Here at The Red Carpet Academy we aim to please and always succeed in doing so! With a unique experience of being in a real studio environment, the (fun!) obstacles and challenges we have created during your bespoke training ensure your presenting and public speaking skills are put to the test in best way possible.

In our Two Day Bootcamp you will experience:

  • A two day advanced training bootcamp
  • Real TV studio environment
  • Learn how to make impactful speeches and presentations on and off screen
  • Learn how to conquer those nerves
  • Voice Coaching Masterclass
  • Using positive body language
  • Interview Technique Masterclass
  • The art of co-presenting
  • Individual feedback
  • Career advice

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The Red Carpet Academy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to Public Speaking, with over 100 years of presenting experience combined, our trainers know the pressure of public speaking. That’s why we can guarantee our training has been set up by some of the most experienced Celebrity Experts in the industry, therefore we can guarantee your public speaking and presenting skills will be safe in the hands of the professionals!

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