So you’ve completed your Red Carpet Academy course on how to become a TV Presenter, and now it’s time to get yourself a showreel!

IMG_5007A showreel is a visual CV and is a must for any budding or established TV Presenter. A showreel highlights your skills and personality before the camera. Every TV producer or agent need to see how you look and perform in front of a camera before they may even consider you for their books or forthcoming productions, therefore your showreel should highlight “your best bits”. One should never be more than 2-3 minutes in length and should show off some of your skills but moreover your personality.

Here at The Red Carpet Academy we know exactly what it takes to produce a quality showreel. Our editing team are equipped with producing a unique showreel showcasing your awesome talent, whether it be the best footage from your studio training recordings with us, or from footage you wish to provide yourself.

All footage is professionally edited with our state of the art editing facilities and we’ll provide a high quality HD showreel along with on-screen graphics available as a digital web friendly video file.

Our showreel editing services are available for both new and established talent, as well as individuals who have not completed any of our training days. However if you have booked or completed a course at The Red Carpet Academy, should you wish to take advantage of our showreel editing service you will receive a discount of 10% for the One Day Bootcamp or a 20% discount for any of our Two Day courses.

Full showreel editing starts from £250

Drop us a line to discuss your requirements: