Congratulations to our founder on winning a Divas of Colour 2016 Award!

Divas of colour is the largest gathering of world’s most powerful women of colour. A special day to celebrate, recognise and reward their contributions.

The special event provides the largest platform for women of colour to network, celebrate, shop and discover the best of their contributions.

So naturally the founder and MD of The Red Carpet Academy, award-winning TV & Radio Broadcaster, Producer, Public Speaker and Female Activist Leah Charles-King, was nominated for a Divas of Colour award for “Diva TV/Radio Presenter 2016”.

The evening was full of strong, powerful and inspiring women along with a unique trade show, glitsy fashion show, various performances and all importantly the awards evening.

With the night fully under way, the category for “Diva TV/Radio presenter 2016” finally arrived and Leah awaited nervously for the results whilst the final nominees names got read out. Much to her surprise our very own Leah Charles-King won this prestigious award!


Full with excitement and gratitude to Divas of Colour, Leah Charles-King has some lovely words to share after winning the award:

Leah Award1.png

‘Thanks to the founder Faustina Anyanwu for the opportunity and support and for providing me this fantastic recognition. I’m ecstatic to be the winner of the Divas of Colour Best TV & Radio Presenter 2016!

There was some fantastic ladies nominated and I share this award with them as there are very few of us doing it and we need to support each other! A special thanks to Faustina and her team for being so accommodating at the event and for providing me this wonderful recognition.’

It is safe to say the award could not have gone to anyone more deserving than Leah… Congratulations!



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