The Importance of Public Speaking

Many people go through life in fear of public speaking, in fact an astonishing 75% of people have a fear or social anxiety when it comes to public speaking. It is actually the most common fear across the globe.


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It is all well and good learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to public speaking, however it is also essential to understand why it is so important and how it can be applied throughout any walk of life. In terms of the business world, mastering the art of public speaking can open the door to a promotion or improve your business and introduce new opportunities for you.

Arranging a meeting that consists of bosses, employees, shareholders or to the public can be very time consuming. Therefore every minute counts when you are presenting/pitching to your audience. Not only is it important for you to congregate a group of people to listen to your presentation, it is also essential to capture their attention, inspire them, and intrigue them. Never underestimate the power of public speaking, especially in terms of motivating your audience and getting your statement across clearly.

We also live in a society where networking has become a very common aspect to meet like-minded people. Therefore presenting yourself in a particular manor is key to increase self-confidence , if you can do that well in front of new people whether it be networking, business, education or even a friend’s dinner party your voice is your identity.

So give yourself the voice you deserve. Win your audience, peers, employees, customers, ANYONE over with the words you are saying. Be articulate, be assertive and be attentive to your audience because you never know how far your words can take you in life.

The Red Carpet Academy has expert knowledge of the industry and are now willing to share the tricks of the trade in the industry.  There are many well established hints and tips that definitely have a positive impact on mastering the art of public speaking, such as how to use your body language effectively, how to present to an online audience and the importance of being confident.

This is just touching the surface of ways to accomplish being a great presenter, and we can guarantee our One Day Intensive training  will give you a much better insight to mastering the art of public speaking.



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