Behind the scenes of our One Day Intensive training workshop!

8am: It’s a bright and early start for The Red Carpet Academy team as we arrive at our Central London location for today’s One Day Intensive TV Presenting and Public Speaking training, equipped with cameras, lights and ready for today’s celebrity expert, Leah Charles-King to shout ‘ACTION’!!


9.30am: We open the doors and roll out the red carpet for our budding speakers whom register before tucking into a selection of Tea, Coffee, Croissants, Fruit and other yummy refreshments!

10am: All of our guests have arrived and are seated either side of our red carpet eagerly networking. The room is buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Suddenly celebrity expert coach, Leah Charles-King lights up the room with her presence and gives everyone a warm welcome. She rest assures that although many are feeling nervous, by the end of the day they will see a big improvement.

As the lights dim we get a treat a few of her many presenting accomplishments which really gets the class feeling inspired and enthused for their first task.



10.30am: Our class is in full swing as each participant are put into a pairs. With a few encouraging words from Leah to build confidence, the class find their voices and the sound of lines being recited is audible. Excitement is palatable as participants anticipate who will be the first to ‘Shine In The Spotlight!’ After everyone’s had a chance to present, Leah draws on her 15 years experience in the industry to give well received feedback on how it went and useful tips on how they can improve during the next exercise.

11.30am: Coffee time!

11.45am: The Red Carpet Academy re-groups and the next task commences. Time to present to Camera!! For the first time today each of our budding presenters and public speakers will present to camera. ‘Lights, Cameras, Action!’

03_16012016-2It’s definitely noticeable that great improvement have been made by each of our participants and that the feedback they received has been put into practise.

1pm: Lunch time!

1.30pm: Fully re-tanked and raring to go we play one of our favourite warm up games, Zip,Zap,Zop!


Game over!

With rounds of applause and a few laughs echoing around the room, each duo are given mock TV scripts. A bit of practise later, each pair walk down the red carpet yet again and ‘step into the spotlight!’ to present to camera. This is a great opportunity for the participants to really get a real feel for what its like to present on live TV!11_16012016

3.15pm: A table is packed with some well earned nibbles and treats. The champagne’s on ice and every presenter has a glass in hand along with a box of popcorn giving that real red carpet feel. For the final time today the lights go down signalling that The Red Carpet Academy Screening is ready to begin. Together we watch the presentations on the big screen and reflect on how far each member has developed as well as the tips they have learnt throughout the day. Expert coach Leah awards each graduate with a certificate of completion of their One Day Intensive TV Presenting and Public Speaking training.


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4pm: We wave goodbye to our One Day Intensive training graduates. Its been a great day at The Red Carpet Academy and the potential in all of our trainees have been unlocked. We will continue to support and develop their talents as we will welcome many of them onto our Two Day Bootcamp. We look forward to opening our doors to the next new budding TV Presenters and Public speakers throughout the year at our next One Day Intensive training!

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