Fail to Prepare? Prepare to fail!

Presenting: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

In every aspect of our lives it is important to prepare. We prepare for work, school, exams, holidays, meetings, etc etc, so we must carrying on the habit when preparing to present.

TV Presenters make it look so natural while their on our screens, blissfully moving camera to camera, reading autocue’s perfectly, delivering their script convincingly and even sometimes dealing with the odd impromptu situation. The reason they look so natural is because they have prepared for days in advance. Macolm Gladwel is a top sociologist, who discovered that for someone to achieve perfection in their field of work they must dedicate 10,000 hours of their lives to become one of the worlds best, and even then they can still improve.


Look at the worlds best in anything. The Williams sisters spent their entire childhood playing tennis, Tiger Woods playing golf and Steve Jobs spent years public speaking. Now we don’t know exactly how many hours they dedicated to their given line of work, but we can make a very estimated guess that it was a lot more than your average Joe.

Just like sport, TV Presenting is a very competitive industry and everyone can be replaced. The way to put yourself in a more favourable position is to learn the basic skills and then practice, practice, practice. Imagine preparation is the pick, practice is the lock and if you work at it for long enough, you’ll break through that door!


Practice is also a good time to diminish any bad habits you may have, either through your career or at the start of it. It is important to gain the necessary tools that you need to get you going, then go away and practice them. Then when you have mastered that skill set, come back and learn some more skills. Every successful person has, either past or present, had a mentor they look up too, to teach and guide them.

Become self assured by your ability and know that with the right instruction and knowledge, the more hours you dedicate trying to improve your skill. The more the effects will show. Practice really can make perfect, 10,000 hours worth.