Body language plays an important role in communication. It is the bridge between what you are saying and how it is understood or interpreted by your audience. It is important for your verbal communication to match your non-verbal communication to make your message believable. Here are a few tips to help you to use your body language positively: body-language-professional-translation-services Adopt a power pose Adjust your posture to portray confidence and power, for example, a position with your shoulders back, head high and a widened stance, not only show self-assurance but also create changes in your hormones which reduce stress. Studies have shown that candidates who practice power poses before job interviews are more likely to succeed as they evoke feelings of high authority. body_language Imitate expressions When you agree with a message that is being delivered, observe the body language of the person speaking and mirror their expressions subtly to show that you agree. This creates an atmosphere of trust and a sentiment of support. Do not cross your arms or legs Research has shown that in a room full of people listening to a speaker, people with uncrossed legs and arms have higher levels of retention and concentration. Additionally, crossed arms gives an uninterested and closed off impression, regardless of the intention, so keep your arms and legs unfolded to give off the right impression. SeatedPosture_B Smile In addition to making you feel better by releasing endorphins, smiling makes you appear relateable and trustworthy and affects the way people respond to you. More often than not, when you smile at someone, it is returned, and because of the happy hormones, it is likely to positively affect their emotional state. 422c0d69fee52f93_george-clooney-smile-WI-1009-lg.xxlarge Evoke power and authority If evoking authority is something that you struggle with, recall a memory that you have of a time that you felt confident or powerful. Think about what created that feeling and imitate the situation and the emotions you felt.