One interview can potentially make or break your career. It is important to be equipped with all the necessary skills to maximise an opportunity, while entertaining the audience and ensuring that your guest is comfortable.

Know your purpose

Before you start an interview it is very important to have a clear purpose and know exactly what you want to get from the guest. This will help you to structure and prepare for your guest


Know your guest

Conduct some in-depth research about the person you are interviewing so that you can use the knowledge about their life and career to your advantage. This preparation exercise is a significant part of the process.

Maintain eye contact

This may sound obvious but it is very easy to be so focused on what the guest is saying that eye contact becomes less of a priority. So remember to maintain eye contact with your guest, like you would in any conversation so that you don’t seem uninterested.


Ask Open-ended questions

Open-ended questions allow the guest to contribute as much detailed information as they would like and it allows you as an interviewer to follow up with probing questions. It is a good idea to have an outline so that there is some sort of structure to follow.

Create a comfortable atmosphere

It is very important to exude confidence because reactions are transparent to the guest and the audience, especially if it is televised. Creating a comfortable environment is likely to produce a better interview



Make sure that you are listening attentively and do not ask any questions that your guest has answered in response to a previous question, because it will give the impression that you are not interested. Finally, remember that the interview is about the guest so do not be tempted to divert the attention