The emergence of vlogging has sparked a lot of interest in modern media, which makes it highly competitive. It can be difficult to gather a following because so many established vloggers already exist, so it is important for vloggers to develop a niche with unique ideas that will trigger conversations amongst viewers and their friends.

Here are a few tips to improve your vlogging skills:

Know your audience

As a first step, you will need to do some research about who the audience is and what their interests are. It would be helpful to communicate with them and find out what they would like to see you talking about. Draw some inspiration from successful vloggers if you are really stuck but be careful not to copy. Be original, but be yourself.

Create high-quality vlogs

In order to increase the number of views or viewers, it is important to invest the time into making a video of high quality, in terms of the content as well as the
editing. People are more likely to stay tuned to a vlog that is interesting, up-to-date and looks professional/credible. It can be difficult to meet the expectation of constantly creating new material but maintaining the viewers’ interest is essential for the success of the blog. Remember that viewers tend to be unforgiving, so if they watch something that they consider to be boring or negative in any way, they are unlikely to revisit the page.

Branding around your channel

Although time consuming, branding is a very important part of vlogging. Successful brands like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s have specific colours that are associated with them; red for Coca-Cola and yellow and red for McDonald’s. These make them instantly recognisable and a vlog should be no different. In addition to your catchy name and logo, you will need to think about an aspect of your vlog that is unique to you and build your brand around it.


Speak to your audience

When filming your vlog, create an interactive experience for your audience by speaking directly to them. This makes it more personal and opens up a conversation with them, which will make them more likely to remain interested. Speak with confidence and authority and leave your audience wanting more. When a vlog receives negative reviews, take constructive criticism from the comments and improve on unpopular aspects of the vlog. This gets easier with practice, and remember that your audience determines the level of success or failure of your vlog


Know your subject

As a vlogger, you are transparent, and your viewers can see straight through you, so authenticity and a complete grasp of the subject are crucial. You will need to make sure that you have thoroughly researched the topic, because any incorrect information will affect your credibility and chances of gaining a higher following.


Post regularly

In addition to being unforgiving, viewers also tend to have short memories. So if your content is not constant, they are likely to move onto the next vlogger and forget about you. Make frequent videos to continuously engage your viewers and be consistent to give them a chance to know when to look forward to your videos.

Hope these tips have been helpful for you, but most importantly, have fun!