Mental Blocks


Most people can relate to the infuriating nature of mental blocks. They can range in degree from a temporary memory lapse during a conversation to feeling completely stuck in a high-pressure situation. You may be sitting there scratching your head and thinking ‘what on earth do I write?’ It is easy to get discouraged and dwell in this frustration so here are some tips to help you overcome the distraction of mental blocks.

Stressed businessman

Take a break

Put your laptop to one side, and go and get a drink and a snack for yourself. Now you may be thinking this is ridiculous but taking some time away for a while will put you at ease. It helps to relax, watch some TV and just forget about the piece of work for a while. Go back to it when you are ready.


Do some research

Research relevant topics and try to build up an idea of what you need to do before you start. This can give you an insight into the type of work you should be doing and how you should be doing it. Make notes of these findings so that you can go back and read them again. You can even reference the research you look into if you feel so inclined.

Research. Wordcloud Concept.

Devise a plan

Depending on what work you are trying to complete, planning is always the first way to get yourself started. Make a plan of what tasks are to be carried out, what you will need to complete those tasks, how long they will take to complete and when they will be completed.

make a plan

Think about what inspires you

If you are having creative block think of things that you enjoy doing and work from there. Sometimes the best ideas come from things you already know. Think of things that you have done previously and work out how they can be done differently. It would make it a new idea and you already have a vision in mind.


Start again

Have you finished snacking? Good! Now sit back at the table and start. Do one bit at a time and take regular breaks to keep you motivated. Taking regular breaks helps to keep your brain working and prevents you from getting too tired.

I hope this has been helpful for you. When you have a mental block, it really is best to go back to it later when you feel more motivated and mentally prepared to work, only then can you overcome it. Good luck with your work and remember that taking breaks and relaxing are essential.