In an age where it’s increasingly important in becoming multi-faceted, an exceeding amount of us are seeking ways of self-improvement, developing our skill set and investing in our careers more than ever before.

The Red Carpet Academy has something very special which no one else has. We are the UK’s first and only TV Presenting and Public Speaking training led by current, mainstream and celebrity TV Presenters and experts! Some of us award winning, but all of us recognised and respected for our numerous skills and contributions within the industry. For the first time we are sharing our tips and tricks of the trade as well as industry secrets which can help catapult you to the next level. And that in a nutshell is what we’re all about. Helping others excel by passing on our extensive knowledge.


It’s not just people within the media industry or budding TV Presenters who require top-notch presentation skills but individuals, small businesses, corporate companies and government bodies who require public speaking training just as much as the rest. Perhaps you need to stand before your peers in delivering company training? Need skills in nailing a sales pitch to potential clients? Perhaps your job or career requires you to make TV or radio appearances? Or maybe you wish to expand your current role in to Keynote and motivational speaking? Whether appearing on TV or online media, presenting to a room full of people or showcasing yourself via Social Networking, these are all transferrable skills which aid in many other forms of promoting yourself and your business. And put quite simply, we can help! But it doesn’t just end there. We offer a range of other services which can be beneficial to your needs, such as image consultancy, showreel editing, head shot photography, and much more to come throughout the year. We understand the process in learning how to market yourself and the tools you may need for success.

Presenting on-camera, on stage, or in front of an audience are all the same but in different guises. And just because some are seen or unseen by the masses it doesn’t make them any less significant. For example, if you don’t see some of our Presenters on telly for a while or perhaps you’re unaware of some of our TV projects, just think of how many speaking engagements, radio shows, corporate work or voiceovers we may be doing that you’re unaware of. This is why we understand the importance of being multi-faceted. It’s about longevity. Our noted Public Speakers are often behind the scenes however many are asked to appear regularly on mainstream news channels, television programmes or as commentary. Whoever you are and whatever you are trying to achieve we have the perfect Expert on our roster of talent who will be matched to your training needs for each specific course.

We offer a variety of training which start with our TV Presenting and Public Speaking Taster Days. After which you may progress on to our Two day “Bootcamp”. Should you wish to invest further in developing your skills set, you may continue onto one of our exciting Masterclasses. Whatever you’re looking for, we are confident in our range of training and support to help you step up to the next level!



So who needs us?

  • Naturally, there are a great deal of media roles that would benefit from this opportunity. Are you a budding TV Presenter just starting out, or an existing one who wishes to up your game? Our Taster Day workshops will enhance your interest or skills already acquired, or offer a great deal more of which you haven’t yet! However there is no experience necessary, and as long as you’re over 16 years you are eligible to join us. Our TV Presenting Bootcamp is the next stage to learn more techniques of what it takes to become a great (not good!) TV Presenter; and believe me, there’s lots to learn! If you’re really inspired by what you’ve learned with us thus far, our Masterclass provides an opportunity to host your very own show for our online channel and will include all the skills, techniques and principles you would have learned from your previous training training with us. This includes interviewing guests, auto-cue, presenting to time and everything in between.
  • Online Vloggers need knowing how to talk to camera and their audience in an engaging and personable way. It may be for business or creative; tutorials or testimonials; or just simply showcasing your talents or services. Online presenting or doing it for TV are of the same principles. We’ll show you how!
  • Are you a Spokesman/woman for an organisation, charity or social enterprise, to name a few? Your role may include being responsible for promoting the business and ensuring public awareness. Our Taster Day workshops, followed by a focused Public Speaking Bootcamp is a perfect opportunity to gain the experience you need and hone your skills. It’s also a great way to network too! You never know who else may be training alongside you!
  • Corporate companies often use some of their resources in training their staff in a variety of ways. Some of it may be in sales, the art of public speaking or delivering the perfect pitch. Not only can we provide individual coaching but group training too. If you’re a corporate company who wishes to teach their staff The Art of Public Speaking, get in touch and tell us your needs. We’re confident that not only can we facilitate, but will offer the most engaging training and course content around! Yes, we just said it. corporate@theredcarpetacademy.com
  • Independent and small businesses we understand the need in keeping on top of ways to impart growth into our businesses. Public speaking training may be just the thing you need to nail that pitch to investors. The training we offer is essential for anyone at the forefront of a company who must communicate confidently with other organisations, nailing sales pitches with potential investors, and plan or attend events and conferences, for example.
  • Entrepreneurs and other individuals we can totally relate with you, because that’s us too! Showbusiness or no showbusiness, most individuals from varying industries across the board can benefit from much of the same skills in communicating with others or knowing how to “sell” oneself effectively.

But it doesn’t just end there, because whilst our courses are exclusive in offering hands-on expert training with real TV Presenters currently on top of their game, or noted Public Speakers who travel globally in delivering powerful speeches on a daily basis, we pride ourselves in being extremely inclusive. This means anyone, yes ANYONE is invited to join us at one of our training workshops even if you may not fall into the above criteria but may simply wish to try something new.

Confidence is key and can move mountains! If you feel you may benefit from anything we offer, you’re very welcome to Get in touch and tell us your needs. We are more than capable and willing to advise on what we can provide to elevate your career in the right direction.

We look forward to rolling out the red carpet especially for YOU! See you soon!


Written by: Leah Charles-King. Founder and MD of The Red Carpet Academy. A multi-award winning TV Broadcaster and Producer with almost 15 Years experience in TV Presenting and speaking in public.