Work hard and reap the benefits. Often it may seem as if your dream of becoming a successful web designer, actor, TV presenter or business mogul is too far away. But unless you work tenaciously towards that dream it won’t get any closer. Nothing comes easy in life, but when you put all your efforts into something you will surely see results in the end.

imageBefore you completely go off the idea of volunteering in the industry, here are five reasons why it would benefit you to reconsider.

  1. Experience: It is rightly said that any kind of experience is worth having. When applying for a job in any industry you will surely come across pages and pages of jobs looking for someone with years of experience in that field. It may be disheartening if you don’t have these credentials, however it is your own responsibility to develop the experience required
  2. Introduction to a network of people: When starting a new job/work experience your Manager will have a say in what kind of role you are to do. However along the way you will come across an entire network of people. Keep in touch with these contacts along the way. It may be one of them who offer you that crucial job opportunity or experience to further your career and help you get ahead.
  3. Learning new skills: Work experience, volunteering and internships – paid or unpaid – will provide you with an array of new skills and a learning experience. You will be challenged to think outside the box and work with other colleagues and teams to achieve a goal. You can use them to work towards your own personal goals and these opportunities are a great way to achieve it. You will also further  develop your skill set and gain life skills which money can’t buy! This experience or nuggets of wisdom from your mentor or manager can take you through your entire career
  4. Developing on what you already know: You will have already gained certain skills in school, uni, or part time jobs that are a good starting point for you to then continue in your chosen industry. This can be very beneficial because you are being made to do tasks relevant to those skills acquired. Ones which develop and enhance your ability to complete projects and tasks to a higher quality.
  5. Benefits: A lot of the time you can be offered a full time position that develops from your internships and work experiences. It does not always mean that if you are being paid for the experience that you will be offered the full-time job. You work with the same amount honesty, integrity and sincerity as you would when in a paid job. Do your job as you would want others to do it.

Written by KLaudia Lleshi- I study Multimedia computing and have an internship with The Red Carpet Academy as a Social Media Assistant. This internship will not only offer me the opportunity to work and develop on the skills I already have through some of my work at uni, but will also offer me the chance to do more and learn more. This internship will give me the confidence and the skills required when applying for jobs.