by Leah Charles-King

When presenting in any arena, one must be able to project their voice and get messages across clearly and confidently. It doesn’t matter if you are presenting about the latest fashion trends or on the red carpet interviewing. Your vocal delivery must be clear and easy to follow.

The Red Carpet Academy Presenter, Cindy Humphrey hosting a charity event

How annoying is it when you cannot understand someone properly? You spend more time straining your ears to hear what they are saying, and then spend time processing what has been said. That’s entirely too much effort when you are an audience member. Granted, no TV Presenter is free of their flaws but it should never take away from the experience of the show or event.

In most cases when experiencing issues projecting your voice it’s typically 3 things:

  1. You don’t know how to use your voice effectively to make it go louder.
  2. Nervousness is subduing you, and as a result you’re speaking too quietly
  3. You’re not making eye contact with the people you’re speaking to

A lot of times we believe we are projecting our voices, but to others you actually are as loud a church mouse. Be sure to breathe through your diaphragm and not to strain your voice either. Remember, projecting your voice doesn’t mean you should start yelling, its using your voice to reach your audience and share your energy.

The Red Carpet Academy founder and host, Leah Charles-King

Perhaps you speak softly and that’s ok if it’s your natural style. As long as people don’t have to strain to hear you, that’s not a problem. It’s important to be yourself, rather than to try and aspire to be a “model” public speaker. When trying to be something other than yourself – you lose something far more important than what you might be gaining. You limit your authenticity – the audience can sense that they aren’t seeing the real you.

There are some presenters– potentially you’re one of them – who don’t make direct eye contact with the audience while speaking. These are the TV Presenters that spend more time looking at the studio monitors, the floor, at the ceiling, or into the middle distance. This kills the audience level of engagement and interest. The Red Carpet Academy’s team of TV Presenters knows all about developing that winning combo to reel in and engage an audience.

The Red Carpet Academy presenter, Michael Underwood hosting a BAFTA Award with Jenni Falconer

When speaking one-on-one to someone, naturally our volume modulates so that they can hear us. If they’re close, we tend to speak softly. If they’re across the room, we increase the volume. Most likely, you don’t need to learn how to project your voice. You have the ability to do that. However, be aware of your thoughts that might be making you nervous. Also, use your natural ability to modulate the volume of your voice by speaking and making eye contact with each person in your audience.

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