By: Leah Charles-King

So you have brilliantly recorded, edited and developed the final cut of your brand new showreel. Your visual CV is complete! But now that you have your showreel ready to view, who is going to view it? Where and whom do you send it to? Here we wanted to lay out a few guidelines and tips for you. Its no easy task filming and editing your showreel but now the real excitement comes in creating a strategy of how to get it seen by some very important people.

As we all know, networks like BBC, ITV, Channel 5, etc. are constantly bombarded with submissions from those who think they are the next big thing, so here’s where you need to stand out. For example, do something different, add a personal touch. Go the extra mile and do your research. Let me say that again DO YOUR RESEARCH. It will benefit you in the long run and all throughout your career. Do some research on different producers, casting directors, commissioners. Anyone that you could potentially network with that is already on the inside is the objective.

Social media is a great resource, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. If you have a YouTube account, you can upload your showreel there and simply send the link out to commissioners or submit it when you find a casting or role that speaks to your skills.

Create profiles on sites like:

All these sites are great resources to find upcoming events or job opportunities within the industry. Also, don’t forget to check the classified sections as well. While it may require a fine tooth comb to find something that speaks to your skills, you may be surprised by what you find.

Once you have found a role or casting, send an email. This is where you will not only send your visual CV (your showreel!) but also a well drafted cover letter and recent headshot if necessary. All three should be a consistent brand image of who you are and how you would like to be perceived as a TV Presenter or Entertainer. Show that you are a well-rounded candidate and prepared for any task. Most importantly when sending out these emails, DON’T copy and paste, make it personalised. If not, you will stand out a mile for all the wrong reasons and your application will most likely go on the scrap heap!

Once you have done your due diligence, send your cover letter, CV, headshot and link to your showreel. Wait about 1-2 weeks then follow-up with a second email. Be sure to keep it cool… don’t be annoying or pushy. Just casually remind them how interested you are in the role and that you’d be a worthy and suitable candidate.

You may never receive a response to your emails. Be prepared for it! Ask any well-seasoned TV Presenter how many times you may have to hit that wrong until it breaks. Be prepared for rejection. In theory it should make your stronger, more thick skinned and determined as ever. If you find rejection difficult to deal with I’m sorry, show business is probably not for you.

Still need help? Don’t worry, The Red Carpet Academy can guide you through the process! Check out our services, book a Taster Day Workshop or our One Day Bootcamp. You can even record extra bits to include in your showreel at our training days. We are all about you Shining in the Spotlight!