Being a TV Presenter is an exciting and challenging career, full of highs, mishaps and random happenings. We have decided to commence the ‘In the Spotlight…’ series to give even more insight into the world of becoming a TV Presenter. Throughout this blog series we will profile some of The Red Carpet Academy’s own TV Presenters and learn about their career journey in the world of TV. We couldn’t think of a better way to give you the inside scoop about TV Presenting, than to deliver it from actual Presenters! For our first profile we have Australia native and Jackpot247 host, Steve Milne. We asked a few probing questions into his world of TV Presenting, check out his answers below!

Q: How did you get your first big break in TV?

SM: I trained as an actor but a friend suggested I tried TV presenting so went to an audition and did a screen test and then was offered a role as a presenter and have been doing it since then!

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a TV Presenter?

SM: Anything can happen at any time – especially in live TV so its an exciting job to have.

Q: What is your most embarrassing TV moment? How did you overcome that it?

SM: I arrived at to the Jackpot247 studios one night and couldn’t get into my locker so was not able to wear my nice black shiny shoes… So I after a great deal of despair and with a the show about to go live, I had no choice but to wear my trainers and cover them in black gaffer tape! I just prayed no-one would notice on-screen. It’s safe to say I don’t think anyone did, accept the very mischievous Leah Charles-King who so happened to be my co-host that night. Cheekily she took a few snaps behind the scenes which I’m sure she’ll include in this interview!


Q: Name something that is unique about your style of TV Presenting?

SM: I am Australian and so that always makes things a bit different with my accent!

Q: Name a time when you were star struck?

SM: I went to the ITV summer party this past month and have never been surrounded my so many celebrities… It was quite an evening!

Q: Do you have a pre-camera ritual?

SM: Send a tweet and let my followers know I am going to be on…

Q: What is the most important thing you have learned during your career?

SM: You are your own business and a big part of success is luck but also your own hard work and determination.

Q: What do you attribute the most to your success thus far?

SM: I have always been myself and not tried to be something I am not.

Q: If there were one TV personality or public figure you could interview, who would it be and why?

SM: Bette Midler, as she is just hilarious and I want to be her new best friend.

Thanks to Steve Milne for sharing his insight for all those budding TV Presenters out there! You can catch Steve regularly hosting Jackpot247 on ITV or The Jewellery Channel on Freeview and Sky television. Stay tuned for the next feature of the “In The Spotlight…” Series, but in the meantime see our One Day Bootcamp for your opportunity to spend a day in the life of a TV Presenter! Tweet us your thoughts!